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1. Prerequisites for wingsuit flying:

To fly a wingsuit you must be a current, licensed skydiver with a minimum of 200 freefall skydives.
Its recommended to seek out one of our Phoenix-Fly Coaches for expert guidence and training for your first wingsuit flight.
Its important to realize that 200 skydives is the minimum in which you could have experienced and learnt enough to safely fly a wingsuit. Do realise it's not about gathering 200 skydives as a number, its about aquiring the skills and experience contained within those jumps. More experience is always better.

The rules on making a first wingsuit jump may vary in some countries. Sometimes requiring up to 500 jumps in total or at least 200 to 250 jumps in the last 18 months to be regarded current. Please consult your local skydiving governing body for more information.


2. I'm not a skydiver, where do I start?

Contact your local skydiving centre and maybe try a tandem skydive, if you like it you could take the license course (called an AFF course) and start working towards the 200 jumps you need. has more information on the steps to follow towards becoming a wingsuit skydiver or basejumper.


3. I'm a skydiver but don't meet the requirements yet / What kind of drills and skydives can I do to prepare myself for my first wingsuit flight? 

From Phoenix-Fly we recommend not to focus on trackingdives, but actually try and get a broad experience in what the sport has to offer. Each dicipline teaches you valuable skills that easily transfer to wingsuit flying later-on in your skydiving career.

4. I've done 150 jumps in the last 12 months, why do I need to have 200 jumps before I can jump wingsuit?

Like any thing else you take into freefall, be it a sky-board, a camera helmet or a wingsuit, it makes the skydive more complicated and therefore more demanding. The wingsuit restricts your movement and adds complications to your exit, freefall, deployment and ability to deal with some malfunctions. 200 jumps is not a golden number and you may have to get a bit more experience before you are able to jump a wingsuit for the first time. 


5. Okay, I meet the requirements what do I do next?

To make your first wingsuit flight it is highly recommended you talk to a  Phoenix Fly wingsuit coach.
The coach will be able to explain the required procedures to you and make sure you have understood them correctly. They should also be able to provide you with a wingsuit suitable for your first flight experience.


6. There are too many suits to choose from, how do I know which one I should buy!?

Check out the descriptions on the product page and also the wingsuit selector guide.


7. What equipment do I need to fly a wingsuit?

In addition to your rig and wingsuit the following are recommended:

  • BOC deployment system (no pullout or bungee collapsible PC)
  • A (large) docile main canopy, especially for your initial jumps. 7 cell recommended.
  • (open face) Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Wrist mounted altimeter (chest mounted altimeters can give false readings)
  • AAD 
  • Audible altimeter
  • Hook knife, mounted in a location other than your legstrap (legstrap will be difficult to access inside the suit)

Optional equipment:

  • Freefall computer to record descent rate (e.g. AltiTrack, ProTrack etc)
  • GPS unit (to record 3D flight path of wingsuit to calculate glide ratio)

If you intend to perform many wingsuit skydives you could consider the following modifications to your skydiving rig:

  • Longer bridle
  • Slightly larger pilot chute

On some rigs with a very deep tray its also possible to have a rigger add dynamic / open corners to assist in easier extraction of your bag.
Newer stowless bags have also shown a better


8. I want to do Wingsuit BASE jumping!

Wingsuit BASE jumping is an extremely dangerous activity that has claimed several lives so far. You must be an experienced BASE jumper and experienced wingsuit pilot before attempting to combine the two. For further information check out the "Advice for Starting Wingsuit BASE" ::here::


9. This FAQ didn't answer my question!?

Then email us ::here::!


Welcome to the flock!