Eloy Wingsuit Camp 02/03/2014

PF Coaches Jarno Cordia & Rob "Bionic" Bakker will be at Skydive Arizona for a Solid 2 weeks for ... >Learn more

Puerto Rico FreeFall Festival 12/02/2014

PF Representatives Jarno Cordia & Andreea Olea will be on the dropzone with several exciting new ... >Learn more

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Venom Power - Available Now 19/05/2014

 Phoenix-Fly is proud to announce the new Venom Power. After over 6 months of intensive ... >Learn more

Venom Power & Vampire Race - Testing, Testing, Testing 07/04/2014

 The last 6 months we've been busy testing the two latest additions to the Phoenix-Fly 'V ... >Learn more

Phoenix-Fly Coaches - March/April 2013 31/03/2014

Congratulations to all new Phoenix-Fly Coaches certified last month, through practical teaching and ... >Learn more

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